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Testimonials with Mary Ann

Hear directly from those who have seen Mary Ann work firsthand. All the testimonials here are from client’s who have had their house cleared. Names of people or spirits have been changed to protect the privacy of others.


If Mary Ann or Tara has cleared your house, or place of business you can submit your testimonial by email to . Please remember to include your full name and the date of the clearing in your email.

Good day,

I have had Mary Ann at my House a few times now but I wanted to say this for anyone who thinks it’s all about Money!

The first time I called Mary Ann she told me over the phone that the House was now clear and she did not need to come! I live in the same City as Mary Ann so she could have come and picked up a few bucks quick so after that day she made me a believer!!

The last time she came I did not tell her everything because I wanted to see if she knew what the person that I saw looked like and she did! Thanks for everything :) 
Scott Westfall

Hi Mary Ann,

I truly thank you for coming out to my house and helping the two male ghosts....LEAVE!! My three daughters are grateful as well. Eleven years of really strange, unexplainable occurrences that have culminated into big annoyances and scary moments have ended!! Having listened to Mary Ann on radio stations over the course of years, she kept that same calm, reasonable, comforting tone all the while and when we reached our wits-end with these ghosts. I can only say that the course of events on how I came in contact with Mary Ann was all meant to be.

Mary Ann came to and cleared my house. It was a very nice and well overdue thing. She told us that there were two male ghosts in my kitchen, their names and ages of when they died and a few other things that made us gasp from hearing some facts. There were no dramatics to scare the kids. Mary Ann made the experience very comforting as she helped 'them' to leave and with her sense of humor, helped myself and my family to deal very well thru this.

Even when I had spoken to Mary Ann on the phone, she was able to identify that I did in fact, have two ghosts and she immediately was not comfortable with them there, in the presence of my daughter and myself. She was able to describe 'exactly' their locations....which really creeped me out on how accurate she was. She gave me the suggestion to smudge and weaken them, until I was ready for her to come out to do the task herself, I appreciated that.

For eleven years, we had the flickers from the corners of our eyes, the cat went nuts, the ol' chase something with the eyes even at close range. The cat flying off my bed and spooked beyond belief, a certain door always closing, the sound of footsteps upstairs, a storage door always slamming down, things disappearing and appearing suddenly in other spots and they weren’t there seconds before. Always being physically drained, the upper respiratory and gastrointestinal problems, the headaches, my tv especially coming on/going off for a period of time...even in front of us. The black shadow in a certain area of the house...where you can't make a shadow in the dark. My one daughter being especially sensitive and aware of 'them' the most. The scratches, the CD that was moved and no one moved it, the extra arguing amongst all of us, the area of the basement that even made a priest sick to his stomach while passing it. The flick to an ear and lamp and tv turning on...and so on.

Yeah, the time came and a chance moment to meet Mary Ann happened. We got to meet her husband Ted and to see Mary Ann's face at the mere mention of Ted and how lucky she says she is with him just validates her as a person and what she does is very real. Her book 'When Ghosts Speak' is great, like having her in your house just to tell unlimited stories in a not creepy way. Now there seems to be a semblance of calm and the quince seeds are up and about all, a good night!

Thank you Mary Ann, from all of us. I look forward to seeing and hearing you all over the place and on Friday nights on CBS’s in “The Ghostwhisper”.

Ana M.

I live in Strongsville, OH and recently had the good fortune to meet Mary Ann in December of 2005.  It was truly a joy and a blessing.

It all started when I was talking to my sister early December about some negative energy we felt in the house, particularly my daughter's bedroom.  My daughter returned home from college on winter break and felt such a negative presence, she would stay awake till 2 or 3 a.m. till she was exhausted so she could go in the room and just fall asleep.  She mentioned she had always felt something but didn't say anything about it but now, it was so intense, she was quite unnerved by it.  She even heard a slight laugh once about 3 in the morning as her phone made a noise as she received a text message.  After talking to my sister, she mentioned "Mary Ann" had helped a friend of hers also felt something in her home.  Mary Ann went there, and she felt the home was cleansed from whatever was there.  I called Mary Ann and left a message regarding our home and the feelings we felt.

When Mary Ann returned my call, she informed me that a man around 30 was in the home and she could help us and "get him to crossover".  Upon arriving at the home, she told the young man was "Donald".  He was 27 yrs. old "now" but died in 1958 from electrocution while working.  He was from our area, was familiar with the old owner of the home who was also an electrician and had been in and around our home for years.  He also went on to tell Mary Ann that my oldest daughter resembled his wife which was the reason he chose to stay in her room and that was why she felt the strongest presence in the home.  Evidently, he stayed away from his wife after he passed because she began seeing another man which angered him.  He was not aware where his two children, Donny and Eileen were but thought his son Donny had died.  Both his wife and daughter's whereabouts were unknown to him.  During the time Mary Ann was there, she "talked to Donald" in her mind vs. the spoken word.  She told us when I called her, he was "listening" and laughed that she said she would actually be able to see him.  When she arrived, like the TV show, he immediately knew she could see him and began jabbering and jabbering since it had been so long since someone actually COULD see him, and he could converse with them.

Well, we asked questions regarding "Donald" and he answered all through Mary Ann.  She said sometimes the spirits don't want to crossover, but he was ready...she said he was tired already and wanted to go.  I tried to "take a photo of Donald" but unfortunately the photos I took didn't reveal Donald or any light, wisps of smoke, etc. As he was walking through the light, he told us "I didn't do anything wrong and thanks."  He was grateful to finally be able to cross.

After Mary Ann left, my wife and daughter did some research with Donald's full name and found that Donald's wife had died in 1974 and was buried one plot away from him in the Strongsville cemetery.  He had "wandered the earth" another 31 years not knowing she had already crossed over.  The next day, I spoke with Mary Ann and told her, "the house feels cleaner and felt empty.”  She said this was a common sensation and that it would only continue to feel better over the next 6-7 days.

I believe Mary Ann has a gift that not all of us possess and that she indeed, has helped us with our home to finally "make it ours.”  I know some of us don't believe that there is another spirit world/dimension around us each day but when you encounter something that feels "wrong, bad, negative...", I feel it is indeed something powerful working against you.  As for us, we feel fortunate to have crossed Mary Ann's path and hope that others trust in her to help not only them, but the people who are struggling here and "can't find the light.”  I can only encourage those who feel odd calling her that it was indeed a blessing for us, but mostly my daughter.  She literally felt she was "going crazy" by sensing this strong presence and was relieved to not only know it was "real" but to have someone gifted in a special way to help the spirits transition to a better place.

With Sincere Thanks Mary Ann,

Dan R.

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