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Testimonials with Tara

Hear directly from those who have seen Tara's work firsthand. All the testimonials here are from client’s who have had their house cleared. Names of people or spirits have been changed to protect the privacy of others.

If Mary Ann or Tara has cleared your house, or place of business you can submit your testimonial by email to . Please remember to include your full name and the date of the clearing in your email.


You are the Best. Tara came to our home in December of 2006. Our last home was over 80 years old and we lived with 2 ghosts. Since they did not bother us, we did not have them removed .We were looking forward to living in the new home we had built ghost free. No luck soon after moving in we knew we had a ghost. After my wife and I both saw him. We decided we did not want to live with any more ghosts. I called Tara she agreed we had not 1 but 2 ghosts. A relative nearby also had one he wanted to get rid of. When Tara came, she told us about who they were, when they died, and other info on them before sending them into the light. Next we went to the relative’s house where she again told us about the ghost and what he had to say about the house’s history. Well it has taken months of research, but we have confirmed everything Tara told us. One of the ghosts died in 1968 it took a library historian from his hometown to find the information.  Our 4-year-old misses his “friend” and asks when he will come back, we are happy not to see things in our home anymore. We feel more at ease now and our home has more energy. Thanks Tara you are the Best.

Erik and Susan

My home on St. Clair Avenue was up for sale for two years, no takers. Everyone who came into the building ran out, quickly. The building was a former medical industrial hospital and while it was awesome, it was a daunting building. Many, many odd things happened in the building and guests who slept over never came back for a second visit!!!


Tara came to my home and told me that there were two male earth-bound spirits.


Well, I was standing there on the first floor of the building and Tara was getting to work on sending my spirit residents to the light... I JUMPED ABOUT ONE FOOT INTO THE AIR!!! I was alarmed because I had thought that I had stepped on a live wire because I felt a tremendous shock go through my body. I said, "Oh my God, Tara be careful...I just got shocked by a live wire...from the construction stuff..."


Tara just stood there smiling, kind of chuckling..., she said, "you're okay, you just stepped into my light..." I was frozen in my tracks; I was in complete and utter amazement from what I experienced.


After Tara's visit, things were calm and peaceful, the construction continued with no hassles and the house sold one month later.


Thank you, Ghostbusters!


Judy K. Z.

I met Mary Ann at work one day in 2001 when she came in to clean our office, she said to the lady she came with that I had a ghost attached to me and to call her if I would like to get rid of it. I waited a few days and then called left a message and Tara called me back and said you have a ghost in your house. We set up an appointment for her to come over on 03/17/2001 which also happened to be our wedding anniversary and 4 days before my husband had to leave for 6 months to go to school in Columbus.


Prior to meeting Mary Ann I had said to my husband I think we have something in our house I had the feeling someone was watching me and our one dog would act very strange she would stand in front of the couch and bark at nothing, and wouldn't eat her food in a certain area anymore I had to shift her food bowl to the kitchen so she would eat. Light bulbs would blow out a lot and the garage light would be on and I would think that my husband was doing it and turn it off but when I would ask him, he would say no I didn't leave it on. I also was having a lot of headaches and had even gone to a Doctor for my headaches I had a cold for a while that I couldn't get rid of, I was always tired and irritable.

The day Tara came I was very emotional and tired and couldn't wait for the ghost to leave. Tara come over on 03/17/2001 and as she walked in, she said hello Peter.  I looked around and saw nothing, our dogs that we put in the basement started to howl and cry. Tara sat down and started to talk to Peter and found out he had been with me for 8 months and liked my energy, I had picked him up from work and he came home with me and would come to work with me every day then Tara started to tell us what he would do to the dogs he didn't like them so he would scare them. Tara told us what he did once he couldn't come to work with me, as Mary Ann had put up seeds in our office he would stay at home with my husband and watch Golf and Motor racing and found my husband boring. We took pictures where Tara said he was, but they didn't turn out, we talked some more with Peter about his job and family and then Tara said are you ready for him to leave? I said yes, she closed her eyes and then a slight laugh I said what are you laughing at? She said he told me to tell you to get rid of your dogs I said no way he is going not them and then she asked him to leave and he did.


The next day when I woke, I felt like a new person and over time I noticed that the dogs were not as jumpy either. Tara and Mary Ann have helped a few times since then with other situations and I am very grateful to them both.


Michelle R.

I am now a believer in this phenomenon that they call the Supernatural. My boyfriend and I were looking to buy a home. Finally, we bought the house of my dreams. (be careful what you dream for). We purchased a home that was built in 1840 and was on the market for 7 months. (Other buyers must have seen things that I did not, go figure) I took some pictures of our new home before we actually signed the final papers and they all came out blurred. On August 20, 2005 we moved into this home and all seemed good until I noticed some strange stuff happening.

Our basement door had a five-pound weight in front of it and I would get up in the morning and it would be open approx., 5-6 inches. I would catch glimpse out of the corner of my eyes and when I turned there was nothing there. I felt strange sensations crossover by back and arms almost like a tingling, floorboards creaking behind me as I did the dishes, once I even felt a tap on my shoulder as I was making the bed. I am 42 years old and was extremely scared to be in my own home. I have a 6-year-old son who we never spoke of anything my thought with him near, but he would tell my mom that he was going to his room and make himself not afraid of ghost. I never talked about this while he was nearby because I didn't want to frighten him.

I called Tara and within a week of her contact, she was at my home. This was a blessing because mentally I worked myself up to be a total basket case. She was at my house for about 2 hours and explained to us that we had a boy and a woman with us. She told us a short bio of each and then asked if I was ready for them to go. My first reaction was of course YES but I asked if they were ready and she replied that they were.

She bowed her head for a few minutes and suddenly, I felt a quick burst of air crossover my legs and she looked up and said OK there gone. What a blessing. I picked my son up from his Grandma's house after we put our quince seeds above our doors. That night my son came downstairs and told us he was going to sleep in his own room because the flashes of light were gone, and he was not afraid anymore. Tara is truly a blessing both for us and for the spirits that were occupying the home. Hopefully they are now at peace and are where they belong.


We are now loving and enjoying our beautiful home. Thanks Tara.

Sherry G.B.

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