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The Original Ghost Whisperer

Mary Ann Winkowski

"For those who believe, no proof is necessary.  For those who don't believe, no proof is possible."

- Stuart Chase


Dear Mary Ann,


You called in early Feb 8th responding to an email regarding my husband bringing a ghost home from a funeral home.  My name is Sheila from Seven Hills, OH. During our conversation, you indicated we had a spirit in the house in my 15 yr old daughter’s bedroom.  She had stomach issues for over 8 yrs and you said a young male was there. (here).  These were not occasional stomach aches, but rather severe ones, DAILY and lasting all day.  Well, you told me to smudge.  I had a fresh package of White Sage here already,  so I smudged in the morning on Feb 8th while the kids were at school.   I DID NOT and have NOT YET mentioned your call NOR the smudging NOR the ghost to any of my kids.  That afternoon when the kids got home from school, later in the evening actually, I asked my daughter how her stomach felt. Amazingly she replied, "Well, it hurt REAL bad this doesn't hurt at all right now."  I also noticed a considerable change in all three teenagers’ behavior for the better.  Weird stuff, like they all got along.  I caught them playing cards with EACH OTHER!  I kept a log every day for about 3 weeks and I smudged once more about 2 weeks or so after the first time.  Do you know that for 12 days that child didn't have a stomach ache?  About four days into this, I asked her...."How long has it been since you went 4 days without a stomach ache?"  She said ”I don't know, I don't mark a calendar."  (smarty pants) Then she looks off to the side like she's thinking and says, ”actually, I don't think I've EVER NOT had a stomach ache especially for four days in a row!"  So I just wanted to thank you.  Maybe I should have contacted you 8 yrs ago and saved myself a WHOLE LOT of medical expenses.  She's been being seen at the Clinic now for years for this.  (No official diagnosis except chronic constipation, which I KNOW is not right)  So, I still have not told the kids about you or the smudge.  It was 'my little experiment' I wanted to see if anything happened without planting any seeds in their mind.  And IT WORKED! My whole (adult extended) family is amazed. So thank you.  If you'd like to see my documentation of my 'experiment' I'll forward it.  You may use my story if you wish too.


Thanks! Sheila 

To all those who may need to know, 


Years ago, my daughter Carrie was in 3 bad car accidents in a row. Her hub caps were flying off the car, also, I remember saying after the 4th set of hub caps,   I never knew anyone who went through this many hub caps. Carrie was in Ambergram on Broadview Road buying a candle, the lady behind the desk told Carrie she needs to see MaryAnn, she called MaryAnn and sure enough MaryAnn told her that there was an entity attached to her. Carrie definitely wanted to get rid of it. I, on the other hand, was very skeptical, I said if you are in the house and I call Mary Ann, we should get the same story, Right? Sooooo, I called, this is before caller I.D, and any other devices, I gave no name and in 5 seconds Mary Ann said this is all so familiar, ...Then she asked me, “Is this Carrie's Mother?” I said I'm busted, so Carrie went ahead and saw Mary Ann and she took care of it.

Bonnie Steel

To Whom it May Concern,


I had a spirit that 'followed' me for many years. At the time, we called him 'Tyrone'.  I was a young adult and had several roommates, so many people witnessed the workings of Tyrone. For the first several years, I found him to be 'funny' or 'cute', he didn’t really bother me, although he was quite active.   My cats would act crazily sometimes, following things we could not see and then suddenly taking off in a full run.  Once a coaster flew off our coffee table in front of several people.  He was particularly fond of messing with electronic things. He would turn the stereo and tv on and off on a regular basis or turn the volume up loudly.  He did not like men, especially those I was dating. Anytime a man was in my home, the tv reception would be horrible no matter what we tried.  We heard footsteps when no one was there. Once I saw him, but it scared me so badly that I 'scolded' him to not do that again, and he never did.  After 2 years, I moved to a new location.  Tyrone came with me.  Still, I heard footsteps all the time, many times we went upstairs to see who was up there, but no one ever was there.  Our electronics still went haywire on a regular basis, especially when men were present.  My light bulbs would literally blow out one after the other, we then started to get constant and strange water leaks as well.  A few people actually refused to come back to my home because they felt he was 'menacing' ...these were men as well.  One said he felt as if “he” tried to push him down the stairs.  We would hear a voice on rare occasion, but no one was there.  Then I started having more issues with things such as furnaces, cars, hot water tanks, these items were not old, but constantly having problems.  


My son was constantly sick with a sore throat and infected ears, but I never put it all together that it could be caused from the spirit.  After 2 years, I moved again. Same things...electric, water leaks, footsteps, lights blowing, and we had a terrible fly problem that we could not find the cause of. Hundreds of flies! Same ol' Tyrone. After 2 years, I moved yet again. This time things were quiet, and I even wondered if Tyrone had not moved with me this time. I had just gotten married recently and then it started again. But it was very different. I still had all the old 'symptoms'...but now at night while I slept, I was being 'assaulted'.  I would wake with very large bumps and bruises on my head and thighs. Several times I had bruising in the pattern of fingerprints on my thighs.  Several times I woke up to find my shirt pushed up over my breasts.  For a long while I tried to find a 'real' answer as to why this was happening, but after a time I felt the only answer was that Tyrone was doing these things.  It got so bad I was afraid to sleep...and everything in our house was constantly breaking down and my son was always sick.


Finally, I called Mary Ann. She called me back almost immediately and told me I had a very nasty spirit and had to get rid of him. I did not have any money at the time, and she was so gracious as to work with me with that, I was very impressed that she would be so nice to a total stranger.  Mary Ann told me that his name was Paul, and that he was in his 20’s when he died, that he followed me home from a bar, and was rather jealous and nasty.  She sent him to the light, and I swear, we have never ever had a problem since! My son was not sick anymore, I did not have any more bruising, bumps, or clothes messed. There were no more leaks, no more lights blowing out, no nothing! Words can’t express my gratitude to Mary Ann. Mary Ann also told me some things about my grandmother who had passed years ago and she never knew my grandmothers name, and let me tell you, it is a Polish name and there is no way anyone could have known it! Mary Ann is the real deal 100%. In addition to that, she is one heck of a wonderful lady. All I can say is THANK YOU MARY ANN!!!!!


With much respect,


Jackie B.

The first time Mary Ann came to my home in Strongsville, I knew that someone was around keeping people agitated. I was in a second marriage and could not understand why my new spouse and my children could not get along.  His children and mine were great friends. My youngest daughter who was very mild-mannered was beginning to be belligerent and angry, total unlike herself. The dog would look strangely into the air. I sensed my husband's mother was there stirring up trouble. I had never met the woman since she had died previously to our marriage.

I called Mary Ann, and sure enough the woman was there. She did not like girls, her son was an only child, and she would get in all the girls’ faces to aggravate them.  She told me about my husband’s cousin and that my husband would not believe any of this. She was not a nice woman per Mary Ann. When I asked my husband's ex-wife about my husband's mother, she told me she was not a nice woman and did not like girls. Thankfully she left.

We also had a mechanic there who had followed me home, he had lived in a neighboring town and I reminded him of his wife. He also went on. The third person there was someone my husband had picked up at the hospital where he worked. My husband at that time was an angry man, and the spirit picked up his energy and followed him home. The interesting thing about these three spirits was that they would even go across the street to my neighbors and would stir things up over there.  The neighbors name was "Bull" and they told Mary Ann they even went there at times.

After Mary Ann cleared the home, things improved to a point, but my ex-husbands attitude only improved a little, he covered his true person.

The second time I asked Mary Ann to visit with us it was at my daughter’s apartment in Parma. When I asked    Mary Ann to meet me there, it turned out to be the home Mary Ann had lived in at one time, many years ago. Before she came, my granddaughter and the little girl downstairs would wake up crying at night. The little girl downstairs talked to her "friend".  One day I was there, and the doorbell rang trying to cover my phone call to Mary Ann...the doorbell didn't work.  As I was leaving one night, I said "Mary Ann will be here Saturday, and help you move on." At that point I saw a young boy come up from the basement in a sports jersey.

On Saturday Mary Ann came and sure enough there was a young man who had died in a local city and had attached himself to the young boy who lived downstairs, when he was at a carnival. There was also a 30ish male, with feminine mannerisms, who stayed around the two young mothers and did not like the males who would visit with them. They told Mary Ann there was also a woman who came, but she would not come because she did not want to go on.

After Mary Ann was there, the house was quieter, more sedate. The little girl downstairs did not mention her friend much anymore.

Kathie Hurayt

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