Another book that I am very pleased to have received from LibraryThing ( I had a lot of fun reading each recipe and the ghost story accompanying each. I have to admit to a fondness more for the dessert choices, like Ted's Coconut Kisses, Mitzi's Golden Pumpkin Cookies, Lemon Sour Bars, Elderberry Pie, Frying Pan Cake (sort of a pineapple upside down cake in a frying pan)
   The stories accompanying each recipe were sweet, funny, odd and any mixture thereof. I do hope that Mary Ann does do a travel book sometime like she thought about in the book. I'd love to read about where she goes and the sites she visits, as much as the ghosts she sees every day.

Heaven can wait…for a chocolate-chip cookie recipe, at least. Mary Ann Winkowski, the “paranormal investigator” whose life and career inspired CBS's The Ghost Whisperer, has released a cookbook of recipes that have been communicated to her over the years by spirits. Winkowski is a ghost hunter, not a medium; she can't contact spirits who have “moved on,” but she can talk to them if they are still lingering on earth.  She is often employed to help relatives have a last conversation with a loved one who has recently passed.


   Fans of the hit TV series Ghost Whisperer will love The Ice Cradle. Mary Ann Winkowski is a consultant for the show and also the co-author of this incredible story. Ice Cradle has it all, and without doubt covers several genres including: historical, paranormal, romance, political,environmental and mystery. It is also a clean read that is suitable for a broad range of ages. This is more than a paranormal investigation story. Thematically, it appeals to a reader on several levels. The historical elements provide a background to the haunting, but also raise the debate about disrupting burial sites for the sake of progress - or in this case, developing wind energy. Should the past trump the future? How should the living honor the dead? Anza O'Malley's gift reminds us that what is important varies person to person, and


although we have good intentions, sometimes a compromise is the best we can hope to accomplish. There are no good and bad guys, but a string of events, interests and perceptions all interacting and colliding on many planes, at the same time. Ice Cradle is a complex story that reads easy and is entirely entertaining while at the same time being thought provoking. This is a difficult task to achieve, but Winkowski and Foley have done it.

   This is a fabulous read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, although you will need to be open to paranormal themes to enjoy this one.  The Ice Cradle is terrific as a second installation in the series but also works as a stand alone novel.  Light and easy, with a feel good ending, most readers will enjoy this one.  I look forward to the next in the series!

   The team of Mary Ann Winkowski and Maureen Foley has the uncanny ability to create amazing characters that stay with you. Each character has a life and voice of their own, and even the ghosts and animals seem to have personalities and a liveliness that is unique. It is refreshing to see writers who seem to honestly care about the depth and detail of their work. Overall it is the rich and elaborate plot that holds these characters to the light and makes them shine.

   Cold weather, the crisp fall leaves, a dark deep sea mist and a crashing shore, those are the images conjured up in the second novel in the  Ghost Files series. If you are a fan of the books, then the second one  will knock your socks off. For those new to the story, do yourself a  favor and buy them. The team of Mary Ann Winkowski and Maureen Foley has the uncanny ability to create amazing characters that stay with you.  Each character has a life and voice of their own, and even the ghosts  and animals seem to have personalities and a liveliness that is unique.  It is refreshing to see writers who seem to honestly care about the  depth and detail of their work. Overall it is the rich and elaborate  plot that holds these characters to the light and makes them shine.


   I wasn't sure, initially, if The Book of Illumination would be exactly my cup of tea. I did find the synopsis of the book rather intriguing, though, and was looking for some Halloween reads, so I decided it was time to try. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was a quick and easy read. It is not horror, though the description wouldn't really lead you to think that it is anyway, but just in case I might accidentally be leading you to believe this, I want to reassure you that it is not. In fact, it is more along the lines of a cozy mystery with paranormal elements.


   ”All in all though, this was a  fascinating read and includes color pictures of earthbound spirits  Mrs.Winkowski has encountered in her years of work. The book is page  after page of her stories and is not just some dry scientific  recitation. She truly believes in what she does and that comes through  the pages. Fiction or Non-, it's a worthwhile read.”

   ”Any book that makes a person think is a  positive. Ghostly soft flags to Mrs. Winkowski, flying on a shivery  breeze ... to keep us on our fleshy toes!”


   “When Ghosts Speak is a true account of Mary Ann Winkowski’s lifelong  affinity with earthbound spirits. The stories shared are simply amazing  and will have most readers rethinking their theories on ghosts.  Well-written, vividly detailed and surprisingly creepy, this is a book  that fans of the paranormal won’t want to miss. The next time you think  you hear your name spoken in the middle of the night it won’t be so easy to dismiss.”

    “If you believe in ghosts, or are at least open to the possibility, you must read Mary Ann Winkowski's When Ghosts Speak. In it, she takes a no-nonsense, practical approach to discussing earth-bound spirits.”

“Do I believe in ghosts?  Well, I do believe in that there are spirits among us... good and evil. I have to admit that I am little unnerved thinking about such things though.”

   “Even if you approach the idea of talking to spirits with doubt or skepticism, you will still probably enjoy Mary Ann Winkowski's "When Ghosts Speak." The author claims to speak to ghosts (earthbound spirits that have not crossed over into the light yet).
   Her neighborly, conversational presentation of a subject that has been shrouded in mystery and controversy for centuries makes for an enjoyable and refreshing look at the subject of the afterlife.
   Winkowski, who acts as a consultant to the popular "Ghost Whisperer" show, claims to have been able to talk to earthbound spirits for more than 50 years.
   Her book tries to answer many, until now unanswered questions about where people go when they die.
   Her discussions of child spirits and suicides are especially heartfelt and intriguing. The "how to" section at the end of the book, describing how to rid a person, place or thing of an evil spirit, will probably initiate lively conversation around the water cooler as well.
   This is a fun, easy read, and whether believable or not it will hold the reader's interest from beginning to end.” The Roanoke Times - December 9th 2007 

   I have never read a book more fascinating than this one!!! If you are at all interested in the paranormal, GO OUT NOW and get this book! Oh my gosh! There are no words!!!

   “Those familiar with the CBS television series Ghost Whisperer will recognize Winkowski as the show's paranormal investigator and consultant whose stories have provided much of the framework for the series. Winkowski claims she has been seeing and talking to ghosts for more than 50 years, and she views her life work as helping earthbound spirits cross over into the light. Here, she offers insights in prodigious detail into what it's like to communicate with earthbound spirits. Via a compelling combination of journal, insightful wit, and honest soul search, she clarifies the very notion of ghosts and enables readers to explore this subject without the oversimplification or sensationalism often attributed to ghosts in movies. Libraries seeking a variety of titles on the subject of the paranormal can consider adding this resource. Those seeking to recommend a work blending both an understanding of ghosts and real-life encounters-in the vein of Jeff Belanger's Our Haunted Lives: True Life Ghost Encounters and Leslie Rule's Ghosts Among Us: True Stories of Spirit Encounters -will find this a kindred title.”

   Mary Ann Winkowski is the  consultant from the CBS show the Ghost Whisperer. As a young child she would  attend funerals with her grandmother to communicate with the recently dead to  help them cross over. In part one the reader gets to find out about how it was  for young Mary Ann Winkowski when she realized she had this gift.
   In part two of this  non-fiction paranormal the reader starts to separate the facts from fiction with  the types of spirits. But one of the main things to do to get an Earth-bound  spirit to move on is to find out why they are sticking around. Sometimes spirits  stick around because of some attachment they have to a person, place, or thing.  Other times it’s because of some fear of punishment/judgment, seeking  revenge/justice, protecting the living, or of course the busy-bodies who don’t  want to leave.
   Children, on the other  hand, have a sixth sense when it comes to spirits. They are able to see or sense  them a lot easier than adults; hence children are the ones who alert adults of  their presence. Unfortunately, there are, in rare occurrences, evil/vengeful  sprits but, in this book, the author gives good advice against those spirits.
   In part three the reader  learns how to live with spirits. Certain people attract them either by following  people home or the living takes over the spirits possessions. But make sure to  spot the many signs that Earth-bound spirits leave when they are present and  what people can do to protect themselves from them.
   This book has a lot of great information about Earth-bound spirits. I highly  recommend picking it up for general knowledge about spirits and what you can do  about them.