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Wine and Spirits Event and a new Testimonial


Added a new event to the appearances page and a testimonial we recently received.

A Spirited Evening in Cleveland


Mary Ann will hold a Spirited Evening with the Ghost Whisperer in Cleveland on May 1st.

2015 Ghost Dog Charm


The 2015 edition Ghost Dog charm has arrived and is now available for sale in our online store.

New Radio Appearance


Mary Ann recently joined Ally Loprete for an extended segment on her iHeart Radio program. “Moms and the Metaphysical” is linked on the Appearances page.

New / Full Moons & Mercury Retrograde


We’ve updated the calendar of New & Full Moons for the Law of Abundance to include the dates for 2015. We’ve also updated the Chart of Mercury Retrogrades. Have a great holiday season, and a Happy New Year.