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   From the bestselling author of When Ghosts Speak and the consultant of the hit TV show The Ghost Whisperer comes this short novel of a young girl with a remarkable ability—she can see and communicate with ghosts.
    A few months after her parents’ mysterious disappearance, 12-year-old Tara returns to her ancestral home and discovers a horror that will make her question everything she’s ever believed. What follows is a quick paced story of the remnants of a family in grief, coming together to unlock a secret that affects not just our physical world, but the invisible world all around us. 
    “I’ve always wanted to write a book for readers from 10-100,” said author Mary Ann Winkowski. “I always loved the Nancy Drew novels and the stories of Ray Bradbury while I was growing up so this first-installment of a proposed three-part series is my spooky take on the novels of my youth. Make sure you read it on your Kindle under a blanket and with a flash light on a rainy night (if you don’t have the Kindle with the built in light!)."

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