What are some House “Symptoms” if you think you have an Earth Bound Spirit?
   You can have some or none of the following symptoms in your home if you have an Earth Bound Spirit, keep in mind that each house is different.
-People who live in the house are fatigued.
-Children will have problems with Upper Respiratory infections.
-Children will be afraid of rooms for no reason, or always end up with you in bed at 2 am.
-Adults will have Headaches or Lower Intestinal Problems.
-There can be tension and fighting in the house, for no real reason.
-Changing a lot of light bulbs.
-Electronic things don’t work as well, cordless phones don’t hold a charge, computers crash, bad reception with cell phones, remote controls never work.
-People living in the house can have a hard time sleeping, either falling asleep or staying asleep.
-Pets can start acting differently, afraid of rooms, staring at nothing, forgetting their house training.

What you can do if you think you have an Earth Bound Spirit.
   If you think that you have an Earth Bound Spirit in your house you can either have an Ordained Priest or Minister bless your house or Smudge your house.  DO NOT go to a Church and get Holy Water and try to bless the house yourself.  If you can’t have someone from the Church out then Smudge.

What is Smudging?
   Smudging is the Native American way to balancing energy.  To Smudge you need to purchase a Sage or Sweet Grass Smudge stick which can be purchased either on this website, Organic Grocery or a Metaphysical Boutique.  To Smudge you light the Smudge Stick (it lights like an incense stick)  in the highest level of your house and walk the inside perimeter of the house starting high and ending low.  You want the smoke to permeate every room.  Be sure to leave the windows of you house closed for at least one hour after you Smudge, it is the smoke that is doing the work.  There are no special words you have to say, or thoughts that you have to keep in your mind.  Be sure to carry something under your Smudge stick as you walk through your home, it will ash.  Smudge sticks are often difficult to keep lit, an Earth Bound Spirit in your home cannot cause a Smudge stick to go out.  Also keep in mind, a little goes a long way, depending on the type of stick you get, it should last you a while.

How can you tell if a Loved one had Crossed Over?
   If you have had a dream about a loved one who has passed away, then they have crossed into the light.  You cannot have a dream about someone who is Earth Bound.  If you don’t remember your dreams you can get an herb called Mugwort and make a little satchel out of it and place in your pillow.  This will help you to remember your dreams.  If you pick up on a familiar scent that reminds you of someone such as Roses or a familiar perfume, then they are visiting you.  That also means that they have crossed into the light.

What does finding dimes, and other change in the house mean?
   When you find change in odd places in your house it means that someone is leaving you a little sign that they have checked up on you.  This is also a sign from someone who has crossed into the light.