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Each quince seed is embedded in high quality casting resin with a sterling silver earring.  Resin quince seed charms are hand crafted by Artifactual Creations and are available exclusively at  For more information on artifactual creations, please visit

   A quince is a fruit that is a cross between a pear and an apple. I use quince seeds to prevent earthbound entities from entering a building, getting into a car, or attaching onto a person. You can buy a quince and take out the seeds, but those seeds will not protect you from.earthbound entities. I obtain my seeds from relatives in Italy, who energize them in some way, such that they offer this protection.   

Quince Seed Earrings Graphic

Actual Dimensions: 17 mm long, 12 mm wide and 6 mm thick

Pictured with a penny for a sense of scale.

When Tara or I come to your home and clear it of earthbound entities, we will give you enough quince seeds to protect your house and family. People often have complained that they lose the seed they carry on their person. Others have complained that we've never cleared their homes, but they still want an adult quince seed. Working with a Cleveland-area jeweler, I am able to answer both complaints by offering charms with a quince seed inside that can be worn on a necklace or keychain.
    When worn, the charm puts a three- to four-foot barrier around you, protecting you from the effects of earthbound entities. It is not intended to be used to protect your home, because you just might end up trapping something inside with you, instead of keeping it out. By wearing the charm as intended, you will no longer experience the energy drain associated with spirits attached to you.


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Quince seeds are given by Mary Ann and Tara when they clear a house. Seeds alone are not for sale. Quince seed charms are available in the web store. Thank you for your understanding.

Care Instructions: All sterling quince seed charms may be cleaned with a jewelers cloth. DO NOT use any liquid jewelery cleaner. It has a negative effect on the resin holding the seed.

All designs copyright by Mary Ann. All rights reserved
Resin charms design and crafting by
Artifactual Creations.

Due to problems with shipping orders outside of the United States we will no longer be able to fill orders from outside of the United States. Sorry for any problem this might cause.

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