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Personal “ghost chats”
Ghost chats are not just for the halloween season, they are available all year long.
Each chat is done at a place of your choosing, length of chat is your choice, and with as many or few attendees as you choose
For full information and booking dates call:
Mary Ann at 216-264-8101
Leave your name and number and I will get back to you.


Mary Ann recently created her own YouTube channel. Click here to check it out. Make sure to subscribe to be the first to know when a new video is added.
Have questions that you’d like answered? Only submissions to the follow address will be considered;
Mail them to:
Mary Ann Winkowski YouTube Question
PO Box 31034
Independence, OH 44131-4854


Full details and tickets are available at:
The Goddess Elite
28887 Lorain Road /North Olmsted, Ohio / 440-777-7211


Mary Ann recently joined Jasen Sokol on 1590 WAKR, click here to listen to the full podcast.


Mary Ann recently joined Ally Loprete for an extended segment on her iHeart Radio program. Click here to listen to “Moms and the Metaphysical.”

Mary Ann was featured on New Day Cleveland clearing a local house


For all of the Ghost Whisperer fans here is a small video from my friends Kim Moses and John Gray telling a little about behind the scenes on the show. I hope that you enjoy it!!

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   I recently taped two episodes for George Noory's show Beyond Belief. Here is a bit of information and links so that you can view the interviews;

   “For many, life continues even after the body dies. Some move on to a new life in a new world. Others remain on the earthly plane, bound by their attachment to certain people, special objects, and locations. We may not know it, but they could be all around us. Mary Ann Winkowski is aware of these earthbound spirits and shares what she has learned from helping them in this interview originally webcast January 13, 2013.”

   The interview will be available to view on January 13th at; If you’re not currently a subscriber at GaiamTV a 10-day free trial is available to watch the interview.


Mary Ann’s newest book “Beyond Delicious” was recently featured on Time’s Newsfeed. Click here to read the article.


Mary Ann appeared on Mr. Food to share her Tamale Casserole recipe from “Beyond Delicious.” Click the link below to watch.

Mary Ann was also interviewed about “Beyond Delicious” by Mr. Food’s editor Sarah. Click the link below to watch.

app-mrfood-link-sm app-mrfood-link-sm

Mary Ann joined Whitley Strieber to discuss earth bound spirits on her radio program. Click here to listen.

Mary Ann also did a special extended interview for Strieber’s subscribers, available here.


Mary Ann joined Amy Tobin recently on her show Inspired Ideas to share her Malted Butterscotch Bars recipe from her newest book “Beyond Delicious.”  Click here to listen.


Mary Ann recently joined Trapper Jack on WDOK radio. Click here to listen.


Mary Ann recently joined Jim Harold on The Paranormal Podcast to discuss her new book, Beyond Delicious. Click here to listen.


Mary Ann recently joined John Hockenberry and Celeste Headlee on The Take Away to discuss her perspective on the upcoming movie Paranormal Activity 2. Click here to listen.

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Mary Ann was recently on DeLuca in the Morning. The audio from that appearance is now available, click here to listen.

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Mary Ann appeared on Fox8’s New Day Cleveland and answered viewer calls live on air.

Mary Ann was featured on CNN to discuss her new book “Beyond Delicious.”

Mary Ann was recently joined by Joe Cronauer from Good Company in the greenroom at the Fabulous Food Show to talk about her newest book “Beyond Delicious.”

Mary Ann was recently joined by Joe Cronauer from Good Company in the greenroom at the Fabulous Food Show to talk about her newest book “Beyond Delicious.”

Paranormal Investigator Mary Ann Winkowski visits South Hills Antique Store in Cleveland, OH to speak to the ghosts haunting it.

An interview with author Mary Ann Winkowski about her new book When Ghosts Speak. She addresses the fact and fiction around ghost and even talks with one.

Mary Ann Winkowski knows why some spirits remain earthbound and others do not, and how to tell the difference. Here, she shares her discoveries and her extraordinary stories with Anne Strieber.

Ghost Whisperer's Ghost Buster Mary Ann Winkowski answers questions from fans about the Spirit World.

Ghostbuster Mary Ann Winkowski joined George Noorey in the studio to talk about her encounters with earthbound spirits-- the deceased who haven't crossed over into the light.


Mary Ann was recently joined by Joe Cronauer from Good Company in the greenroom at the Fabulous Food Show. Click here to watch the video.


Mary Ann recently joined Michael, Andrea, Fred & Joe at Good Company Click here to watch the episode.


Mary Ann recently joined Chef Chris on Let’s Dish to share some of her favorite Halloween recipes from her newest book “Beyond Delicious.” Click here to watch the episode.

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Mary Ann was recently featured in a news’ segment on WWMT’s evening news (a local Western Michigan CBS affiliate) during her visit to the Michigan Paranormal Encounter’s event. The video is now available online, here & here.

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Mary Ann and Larry King

Mary Ann was recently on Larry King Live, Click here to see the picture of Larry and Mary Ann after the show.